ANDREW BRUNTEL is a FILMMAKER. He has mixed feelings regarding the internet, self-promotion and writing in the third person but some of his work can be found here, here, and here.

Reel requests & Work inquiries.

RECENTLY Andrew was selected for the 2018 Sundance Writer’s Lab for “WOLF IN WHITE VAN”, a collaboration with Benjamin Collins & Luke Piotrowski. CURRENTLY he’s directing commercials, writing screenplays and developing an Anthropocene science fiction series entitled “BEYOND the DROP”.

ITEMS OF INTEREST Australian Ambient Cassettes 1986 - 1997 Radio Garden You Are Listening To How to Kill a City by Peter Moskowitz Universal Harvester by John DarnielleSilent Sound Books 8-Ball TV Veggie Cloud Clock of the Long Now All Space Considered Alliance for California Traditional Arts Casa Libre The Sierra Club

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